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DeTemple Company's HVAC construction department continually exceeds our customer's expectations through hard work and attention to detail. Whether we accomplish large complex projects or small tenant improvement project, all our customers have the satisfaction of knowing that they have one of Portland oldest and best established companies working with them.

Our HVAC construction department has a variety of Project managers and field technicians with years of experience and licensing in all aspects of the heating and air conditioning trade. Whether you have a building with a complex DDC controls system, chilled water system, boiler system or any number of forced air systems, DeTemple can take care of all your needs to keep your building performing at maximum efficiency and reliability.

DeTemple Company's HVAC construction department specializes in a number of Heating, Ventilating and air Conditioning systems.

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Our Work

Cornell Oaks Hi-Tech Corprate Center

Design and installation of mechanical systems and site work.

McCormick Pier Condos

Plumbing and mechanical installation.